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Otterbox Gaming Accessories

Otterbox, the company that safeguards all your costly craps, in collaboration exclusively with Xbox announced a 2021 collection of game accessories. There is a powerful Xbox controller shell to allow you to play safely and an Xbox controller shell to transport you safely. Then you’re seeing this claw here to make mobile gaming a single ecosystem with a controller.

Otterbox published various CES 2021 gaming accessories with Xbox partners. This new line is designed to help mobile gamers with Mobile Gaming Clip, Gaming Carry Case, Easy Grip Controller Cover, and Gaming glass privacy guard.


OtterBox’s Mobile Gaming Clip turns your phone into a mini Xbox

Costing $30, the OtterBox’s Mobile Gaming Clip is only compatible with Xbox wireless controllers. It attaches to Xbox controllers with or without a protective shell. And it then collapses to a compact size when you’re not using it.

OTTERBox gaming accesories2

You can transform your smartphone into a portable Xbox with this adapter. Currently, whether you go to or play games at home, it has plenty of versatility.

Gaming Carry Case charges your controller

Another of OtterBox’s gaming accessories is the Gaming Carry Case. This product can charge your Xbox controller. Also, this gadget includes a quick flip screen stand on the top that allows you to place your phone on top and use as a command center.

In addition, a cable charging technology is included in the gaming carry case. Therefore, if you are not using your Xbox controller, you should keep it fully powered.

OTTERBox gaming2

Easy Grip Controller Shell has a glow-in-the-dark design

The Simple Grip Controller Shell is essentially the game accessory for OtterBox. This game is $30 and comes in three colours: Light Gray, Medium Gray, Purple with dark glowing Green elements. A Xbox One, Xbox X/S series shell wraps around the handles to avoid scrapes and squffs. In addition, handles avoid a slippery surface so that you can play for longer periods.

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