SKYLEO LED Desk Lamp with Flexible Gooseneck,Eye-Caring Desk Light with Clamp and Remote Control,Adjustable Desk Lamps for Home Office,3 Color Modes and 10 Brightness Levels,Office Lamp with USB Cable


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Product Description



SKYLEO desk lamp Light up your quality life!

SKYLEO brand focuses on creating high-quality LED lamps, providing the best lamps with high-quality materials, so that the table lamps have the best light and brightness, focusing on the quality of life and paying more attention to the ritual sense of life.

A009 led lamp outstanding function :

360° swan neck bends at will

Ten brightness adjustment modes in three colors

One-button remote control is more convenient

Aluminum alloy material better heat dissipation, prolong the life of the table lamp

The base clip is non-slip and more stable

Memory function is more convenien



Stroboscopic: stroboscopic is the flashing of light and dark alternately. When the stroboscopic is relatively fast, it is not easy for our naked eyes to detect it. In fact, it is very harmful to the eyes and brain. But we can turn on the camera of the mobile phone and aim at the LED lamp. If there is high-frequency flicker, it proves that this LED table lamp has a serious “stroboscopic” problem.

Eye protection without flicker Eye protection

SKYLEO A009 table lamp has 96ultra-efficient SMD LEDs ,Scientifically verified that there is no flicker、no dazzle and glare-free ,CE, ROHS, FCC certification, you can rest assured to choose!

When we buy table lamps for our own use, we will also use them for children. Children’s eyes are in the developmental stage. How can we tolerate these stroboscopic table lamps and harm our health and our children’s health?









Assembly instructions

Step1.To attach the Clamp to the desk, loosen the sliding T-handle under the Clamp and slide onto your desk. Tighten the T-handle until the Clamp is securely fastened to the edge of your desk.Clamp will fit worksurfaces up to 2.5″”(6.35cm) thick.Step2.Slide the body down the base as the groove.Tighten the cap so the lamp is secure anc won’t come unattached.Step3.Plug the charging port of the USB cord into a power adapter(not included), and connect the adapter to a power supply.

Irradiated area

The range of our desk lamp is about 3.1 square meters as usual, and the table of about 2m can be covered, so you don’t have to worry about insufficient illumination. In addition, the brightness of the desk lamp is 1250 lumens, 3200K-6500K, and a variety of light adjustment modes. Don’t worry, you can use it as much as you want!

Remote control function

In order to use the desk lamp more conveniently.We have developed a remote control, which can switch and adjust the mode of the remote console light.This desk lamp also can be used by remote control at a distance of up to 30 meters (98.4ft).

Aluminum alloy appearance

Our SKYLEO desk lamp not only plays a role in lighting, but also has decorative functions, modern design.360° curved swan neck, table lamp head is made of very lightweight aluminum alloy, not only heat dissipation faster but also not easy to corrode.Greatly extended the service life of the table lamp can be as long as 50,000 hours under normal use.



How long is the gooseneck? Does this swivel?

It is 32″ from base to light, and the bendable gooseneck is 14″ Besides, it does swivel in the sense of turning 360 degrees.

What is the clamp size? Will the clamp harm the wood of my desk?

The size of the clamp is 5x5x7.9cm(1.97″*1.97″*3.1″), and the adjustable clamp can support the thickness up to 6.35cm(2.5″). The clamp won’t scratch your desk, cause there are protective pads on both sides.

How to replace the battery of the remote control?

On the bottom edge of the remote, push the tab lock to the left and hold itWhile holding the tab to the left, pull the door out of the remote.Remove the old battery and install a new CR2025 batteryTip: When placed in the battery door, the + symbol on the battery should be visible to you.Push the door back into the remote.

Not only do we need a good desk lamp but we also need a correct way of using it:

Placement: The placement of the lamp also has a great impact on vision. As most people write with their right hand, the lamp should be placed in front of the left side of the body so that the shadows on the paper are not shaded by the hand when writing and the light shining on the paper does not reflect back into our eyes and produce glare.Height: Usually, when the eyes are 12in away from the book, you can read the handwriting and will not be overly fatigued. By this reckoning, the height of the desk lamp is 15.7-19.7in away from the written is more appropriate, so as to ensure sufficient reading lighting, the surrounding environment also has a certain brightness.

Warm yellow light, colour temperature below 3300K, generally around 2700K: suitable for cosy placesWarm white light with a colour temperature of 3300K – 5300K: Study in the study roomDaylight, colour temperature above 5300K: suitable for offices


Detail design

As shown in the picture below,both positive and negative holes can be used The design of the socket under the lamp is full of humanity. Both the front and back holes can be used. You can adjust it according to your usage habits. Both the front and the back can well interpret the meaning of the table lamp.

The benefits of using LED desk lamps for lighting:

Led lighting is a green light source: low working voltage, low power consumption; stable performance, long life, shock resistance, strong resistance to vibrationled lighting products can provide a high quality light environment, improve the light efficiency of the lighting system, no infrared and ultraviolet components, high colour rendering and a strong luminous directionalityGood dimming performance, no visual error when the colour temperature changesCold light source with low heat generation, can be safely touchedImproves glare, reduces and eliminates light pollutionZero strobe, will not cause eye fatigue phenomenon No electromagnetic radiation, eliminating radiation pollution to protect the brainIt is healthy light source that provides a comfortable light space and also meets the physiological health needs of people well. Long-term use protects eyesight and prevents myopia.


Unscrew the screws first Insert the lamp again Finally tighten the screws


1250 1100 1100

>90 >90 >90

Color Temperature
3200-6500K 3000-6000K 3000-6000K

LED Lifespan
50,000 hours 50,000 hours 50,000 hours

14W(max.) 14W(max.) 14W(max.)

Operate Voltage
DC 5V/2A DC 5V/2A DC 5V/2A

Net Weight
950g(2.09b) 750g(1.65b) 1.9kg(4.19b)

Package contents
1xDesk Lamp;1xC-clamp;1xUser Manual;1xRemote control 1* Desk Lamp;1* Metal Clamp;1* USB Adapter;1* Remote Control;1* User Manual 1* Desk Lamp;1* Metal Clamp;1* Round Base;1* USB Adapt;1* User Manual

💡The Charm of SKYLEO Lamp with Gooseneck💡:The 360° gooseneck rotation perfectly shows the softness and plasticity of the lamp neck. Adjusting the camber angle will bring you a different experience. The double-sided hole design of the clip allows you to insert the lamp without changing the position of the clip, making it easier to move. The internal non-slip and scratch-resistant design will not leave any scratches, which maximizes its service life.
💡Multi-scene Use💡:why? First of all, SKYLEO’s gooseneck remote control light adopts three light modes: white light, warm light and natural light, and provides long-press stepless control, or single-press 10-level control to adjust the brightness of the light you need. The color temperature is within the range of 3200-6500K.If you have multiple usage scenarios, you can use the light adjustment mode, I believe that will be an endorsement of our products.
💡Let Eyes Fall in Love💡:The scientific arrangement of 96 LED lamp beads to reduce blue light, professional eye protection function, reduce eye fatigue. CRI≥90+. No glare, no flicker, no shadow, create a comfortable atmosphere for your soul, you will feel peaceful and peaceful.
💡The Light Source Come💡:In order to satisfy your use anytime, anywhere, we have chosen the most popular USB design port. It can supply power to the lamp by connecting mobile power, USB socket, computer, etc., to provide you with soft lighting. Why is there no 5V2A adapter provided? After our investigation, we found that almost all households have extra adapters or USB power ports on their sockets, so we don’t want to increase the shopping cost of our quality customers because of the adapters!

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SKYLEO LED Desk Lamp with Flexible Gooseneck,Eye-Caring Desk Light with Clamp and Remote Control,Adjustable Desk Lamps for Home Office,3 Color Modes and 10 Brightness Levels,Office Lamp with USB Cable

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