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TCL’s possible rollable phone

Rollable  phones become more and more popular, new concept devices are beginning to emerge to address unresolved problems by non-folding rectangles. The fold of the Galaxy becomes wider. Smaller is the Galaxy Z Flip. And TCL has several ideas, well.

We have already seen a lot of unusual foldable TCL concepts, such as the bifold, DragonHinge, etc. Yet we have a sneak look at a new idea, which really cares.

The new rolling model phone from TCL begins to look like a very normal 6.75-inch Smartphone. However, use the proper gesture and extend into a 7.8-inch phone.

At CES 2021, TCL also teases its own rolling telephone technology. The Chinese company launched a new 6.7-inch video, which can extend into a 7.8-inch tablet with a “a simple tap of the finger.” In addition, the Chinese company unveiled an unplug-in 17-inch print OLED display with 100 percent colour spectrum.

 Design information

The new rollable design hides the flexible OLED-display within the phone and uses a motor to enlarge the chassis and roll out its display as opposed to other pliables, which open or close like books or clamshells. When used, the mechanism is very magical and gives the feeling that the telephone expands. It’s very cool. It’s quite fun.


Unfortunately, we could only play with a dumb machine that didn’t have a working engine or even a working monitor. This means that we must open the screen, as seen in our gif above, physically. TCL has a working prototype of the system, but the machine has been imprinted in Wuhan, China, and cannot be shipped for viewing in the US.


TCL says that while the concept device won’t be commercially available any time soon, it’s been working on perfecting the rolling mechanism.

TCL has also shown us its foldable design system Tri-Fold, which it has been working on for some time. This is a unique concept which aims at a whole different community of users. It begins as a typically normal-looking handset, but it is as thick as three phones that pile up. Pull it off like an agreemention, and you can find a huge 10-inch tablet keeping.

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