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The Mimo Baby Shirt measures infant respiration, pores and skin temperature, frame position, sleep patterns, and interest levels. The organic (of course) cotton onesie is fitted with machine-cleanable sensors that may be monitored in real-time via your home’s Wi-Fi network. It also includes a microphone, so you can circulate your baby’s sound on your smartphone, and the accompanying app allows you to crunch analytics approximately your baby’s sleep patterns.

Hear your infant’s coos and cries and get real-time insights approximately your baby proper out of your smart device with the Mimo Smart Baby Monitor

Designed for today’s new parents, the Mimo Baby Shirt continues you connected to your baby irrespective of where you are – whether you’re throughout the room or throughout the world. Available on iOS and Android, the Mimo app gives you insight about your baby’s sleep quality, sleep activity, respiration, frame position, and skin temperature. When you’re no longer looking at the app, you’ll be saved notified of modifications for your baby’s activity – including irregular breathing, wake-ups, and roll-overs – via custom alerts, delivered right in your smart device.

We’ve designed the Mimo to healthy effortlessly into your life. The Mimo Baby Shirt kimonos are available in 0-three months, three-6 months, and 6-12 month sizing so that you can keep monitoring your little one as they grow. Our kimonos are gadget washable, 100% tender cotton, and you may even throw them within the dryer on low heat. The Mimo can be worn under extra sleepwear including a swaddle or pajamas or can be worn on the pinnacle of up to three (3) layers of cotton

Mimo is made within the USA. We’re founded in Boston, we ship out of Southern New Hampshire, our cotton comes from Tennessee, and the whole lot else hails from New England. We’re a local business enterprise obsessed on parent-centric design and support

  • REAL-TIME BREATHING – See your baby’s breathing at the same time as they’re sleeping, right in your phone, no matter wherein you are. Mimo’s proprietary generation selections up even the most subtle rise and fall of your baby’s chest, permitting you to know how she’s breathing, whether or not you’re inside the subsequent room, or across the world.
  • ALERTS YOU OF CHANGES IN YOUR BABY’S BREATHING AND ACTIVITY – Get customizable breathing, body position, temperature, and wake//sleep alerts, right in your phone, so you recognize what’s happening in the nursery.
  • ACCESS FROM ANYWHERE – Whether you’re within the next room, on the office, or out to dinner, see your baby’s activity, sleep history, and sleep activity, at any moment, all from the technology on your pocket.
  • HEAR YOUR BABY – circulation audio from the nursery, proper to your phone, from anywhere.
  • MIMO IS MADE IN THE USA – we’re established in Boston, our substances come from New England, and we ship out of Southern New Hampshire.

Better sleep for everyone

Is the baby sleeping okay? Did they just roll over? Did they just wake up? Are they too warm? Maybe I’ll just peek into the nursery and check to make sure? It’s hard to resist checking in, and we know that wondering leads to lots of sleepless nights. With Mimo, you can check in on your baby’s activity, whether you’re in bed, downstairs, out to dinner, or at the office.

Breathing, body position, skin temp, and wake//sleep–all delivered right to your phone, anytime.

How Mimo works

Mimo uses proprietary, wearable, non-contact sensors to provide parents with real-time information. Using Bluetooth Low Energy in the Turtle, information is streamed to the Lilypad and up to the cloud, where Mimo processes all the data and sends it to a smartphone. The Mimo system can also detect pauses in breathing if the baby rolls over, or the baby wakes up, as well as levels of sleep (REM vs non-REM), all with the goal of delivering better, more accurate information to parents.


Have twins? Triplets? No problem – you can use Mimo, no matter how big your brood. Call us and we’ll help you get set up!

Easy setup

Download the Mimo app and connect your Mimo Lilypad to WiFi, and you’re ready to monitor.

Safety is number one

Mimo uses ultra-low-power Bluetooth Low Energy, which is lower power than a standard audio monitor or your smartphone. Baby’s safety is our key priority. We also use industry-leading security protocols to keep your family’s data safe.

What’s in the box

– 3 machine washable cotton Mimo kimonos.

– Water-resistant Turtle (attaches to kimonos and uses Bluetooth low energy).

– Lilypad base station.

– USB cable and power adaptor.

– User Guide.

Made in the USA

We’re proud to keep Mimo made in the USA. Our cotton comes from Tennessee, our plastics are manufactured in western New England, our electronics are made in eastern Massachusetts, we’re headquartered in Boston, and we ship out of New Hampshire.

System requirements

– Smartphone or tablet.

– iOS 7.0 or later.

– Android 4.2 or later.

– 2.4GHz, b/g compatible wireless internet router.

– At least one baby.

– Kimono sizing: 0-3, 3-6, 6-12 months.

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