The most effective and reliable Shark Repellent Bracelet

Sharkbanz is the ultimate solution to your fear about shark-bite. It keeps you easy and calm while you are swimming at beach, surfing or snorkeling. Sharkbanz uses magnetic technology to repel sharks away protecting you without harming the sharks. The device is an efficient Shark repellent.

Official ocean divers and water lover swimmers were facing a real problem since a long time. So Nathan and David Garrison, founders of the device, found a safe way to deter the marine animals. They designed a wristband which keeps the swimmer/diver safe and also protects the sharks.

Sharkbanz is an effective, affordable, simple and stylish shark repellent. It bears the following salient features.

Quality Features:


Sharkbanz fades your fear of being bite by a sea animal, every time you go to the beach for swimming.





Sharkbanz use no chemicals instead it uses magnetic field lines to deter the predators hence provides no harm to the sharks or other ocean animals.


The device, Sharkbanz, is a wearable shark repellent. It looks like a casual bracelet. Additionally you can wear it on your wrist as well as ankle.





Sharkbanz does not imply any batteries. So it is quite convenient and reliable to use any time without worrying about battery charging. Thanks to the magnetic field technology.



As the technology used in Sharkbanz makes no use of electricity so it is quite friendly to use without any type of side effects both for the user as well as the predator.




Sharkbanz is a small and light weight wear able strap. Just wear the strap on your wrist or ankle and let the fear go away.


The device is plastic manufactured so strong and durable.

  • Recommended by officials:

Dr. Eric Stroud and Dr. Patrick Rice support the idea of Sharkbanz’s shark repellent technology. Both of whom are renowned marine biologist and leading shark repellent technology researchers.



The device is water resistant and you can easily dive swim and surf with a wide depth range of 100m/330ft.

How it works?

Sharkbanz deter sharks from attacking swimmers using a special implanted magnetic technology. Usually the shark-attack case occurs in shallow water where there are swimmers and sharks share the same place. Normally sharks attack an object just to figure out or investigate that what actually it is.

Sharks have strongest electromagnetic sense which they use to investigate their surroundings. As soon as a shark approaches an individual wearing Sharkbanz bracelet, it detects magnetic field lines produced from the bracelet. The bracelet’s field disturbs its electro receptors and shark quickly turns away and does not return.

The experience of the shark is “like a person which experiences a sudden light flash in his eyes in a dark room and he does not feel it pleasant” said Dr. Eric Stroud.

Dr. Patrick Rice even has opinion that if many swimmers wearing Sharkbanz move in a group, the effect of the device is amplified. There is no 100% guarantee that the Sharkbanz wristband will prevent encounter with sharks but probably it will reduce the risk significantly

The main aims of Sharkbanz include:

  • Eliminate the shark threatening environment for sea divers and swimmers.
  • Look after and restore the habitats for the marine animals.
  • Pass legislation to avoid new offshore

See the shark repellent in action:


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